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Company Profile

Accredita UK are the market-leading motor claims process and credit hire recovery outsourcing specialist, providing a wide range of services to assist credit hire operators and all other stakeholders in the non-fault accident supply chain.

Founded in 2012, it was our intention to bring a realistic, genuine and cost-effective solution for both the management and resolution of credit hire claims to market. Since then we have successfully reviewed, negotiated and recovered thousands of claims and our client base continues to grow, in parallel with our unfaltering commitment of providing tailored, practical solutions to real world industry challenges.

Our products and processes place strict emphasis on improving operational efficiencies reducing your exposure to irrecoverable debt, whilst ultimately increasing the overall cash flow and profitability of your business.

We have the agility to assume conduct of a claim at any stage as well as combining all aspects to provide a complete end-to-end outsourcing solution. All of our services have been specifically designed to provide invaluable assistance and support throughout the claims process whilst ensuring that we not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

  • Save time and be free to focus on core business process
  • No recruitment costs; Reduced operational overheads
  • Benefit from bespoke and consolidated management information via our in-house reporting tools