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We are able to offer a highly effective and robust Triage suite for the validation of all new claims. High-risk business can be identified early in the claims process in order to mitigate against irrecoverable charges.

Our comprehensive claims Triage product includes:

  • Highly advanced fraud risk analysis in conjunction with Netfoil
  • Liability tool & analysis function
  • Replacement vehicle group recommendation
  • Liability/Witness statements
  • Locus Reporting
  • First notification (NCA) submission to the at-fault insurer

All of these aspects can be combined and presented within our comprehensive claims triage report.

Case Monitoring

We firmly believe that Credit Hire claims that are reported early and are accurately managed throughout the claim lifecycle are at a significantly lower risk of exposure to irrecoverable debt.

We are able to take over conduct of your motor claims from the date of inception with all claims are managed appropriately in line with the requisite ABI GTA/Common Law timescales and principles.

Being a dedicated provider of proactive claims management, we can manage third-party insurer intervention attempts where applicable and combat the risk of irrecoverable credit hire charges during the settlement phase of the claim.

By setting Key Performance Indicators with case updates provided to your senior management team periodically, based upon a bespoke service level agreement, we will ensure that you are kept fully informed and up to date with the progress of each of your claims throughout the process.

Hire & ULR Recovery

Our primary objective is to provide an unrivalled credit hire debt recovery solution, allowing your staff the freedom to focus on both new and core business whilst still achieving rapid settlement on outstanding debt. We strive to raise the profile of your business through effective negotiation and intend to resolve and recover outstanding hire charges without the need for litigation and on the best possible terms.

In addition to our individual case recovery products we are able to take advantage of a number of benefits that come with handling a larger volume of outstanding claims compared to individual CHO’s. Our management team have secured access to a number of industry specific claims submission systems, which are usually available to only the largest operators. We can utilise these systems and our extensive range of contacts to secure bulk settlement deals and large scale claims recovery operations.

Our team will conduct all payment chasing activities in a timely manner and liaise with the relevant insurer in order to ensure that your cash-flow remains consistent.

If you find that you are experiencing delays in receiving payments on claims which have previously been agreed or simply have an outstanding ledger that needs pursuing, get in touch with us today.


Accredita UK offers a bespoke consultancy service, which identifies areas of your business that could benefit from streamlining in order to improve efficiency, increase overall capacity and ultimately enhance the profitability of your business.

We can undertake a thorough analysis of your documentation, systems and claims processes and provide you with an independent report outlining areas of leakage, and suggestions for improvement.

This can include:

  • Hire documentation review
  • Invoicing and payment pack presentation
  • Monitoring and management process appraisal
  • Rate analysis
  • Historical claims data review
  • Date reporting and trend analysis
  • On site consultancy visit
Ancillary Services

At Accredita UK, we aspire to provide a bespoke solution for all stakeholders in the non-fault accident supply chain.

Ancillary Services include:

  • Training
  • Intervention advice
  • Bilateral & Protocol Management